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 Sup faggots

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Sup faggots Empty
PostSubject: Sup faggots   Sup faggots EmptyFri Jul 10, 2009 5:01 am

I'm hideaki, i'm an aspiring troll and wiseguy and I tend to post in all caps and shit.
I finally found you niggars because Nanyo was nice enough to invite me.

I have a forum too, but choco doesn't post there.
Also its looking for mods, so get your gay ass over there and post 10 times and shit if you're interested.

Lets see what else... Billy mays fan, professional fat ass and grammar coach. Porn enthusiast and used to be haxars n shit. Welcome me

also, i'll just leave this here...
Sup faggots Wtfgmv
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Sup faggots
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